Post to Show You Care ??? (a small rant)

Almost every day, someone posts one of those “If you care about such-and-such a cause, post this” type message on my facebook wall.   Usually with some kind of guilt trip along with it.  You know the kind?

May I ask a personal favor? Only some of you will do it, and I know who you possibly are. If you know someone who fought a battle with cancer and passed away, or someone who is still fighting… please add this to your status for 1 hour as a mark of respect and remembrance; I hope I was right about the people who will do it. Thank you for posting.

These messages really irritate me.  Not because I don’t think the people are sincere, actually I’m sure they are.  But what possible help is there in reposting such a message?  If it were something unknown, and we needed to promote awareness, maybe.  (But without the guilt trip, ok?)  But most people are very aware of cancer and what it is and what it does.  So what’s with the self-congratulating – and in my eyes, a little patronising – bit of “see-what-a-caring-person-I-am”?    It just bothers me.

I have seen friends and loved ones battle cancer. Gone through it with them in many cases.  Some have won that battle.  Some have lost.   Posting a message that says  “I care”, without actually doing anything about it, is not respect, and is not helping, it’s just pat myself on the back and then go on to something else passive support.

Why not really do something?  Some people volunteer in fundraising activities or organisations for cancer research.    Some people knit chemo caps for hospitals.  Some people donate to those organisations.

If you don’t have the time or money,  take the time to click on the Breast Cancer Site every day, to help fund a free mammogram for a woman in need.  Just while sitting at your computer.  There’s a button over on the side of this blog to do that.  Or bookmark the site.  100% of their advertising sponsor money goes to cancer charities.   Shopping at The Breast Cancer Site store helps even more. Each and every purchase provides more funding to provide free mammograms.   And they carry thousands of pink ribbon items that show your active support.   Holidays are approaching, wouldn’t your friends and loved ones appreciate gifts that not only are good quality and give enjoyment to the recipient, but also provide aid that is desperately needed by others?

Last year, the site funded 2,112 mammograms. All from folks just clicking a button on the computer.  Purchases at the site store funded an additional 4,178.

(And there are connected sites to support other causes if that’s what floats your boat.)

So please, if you feel you need to post about supporting a cause and raising awareness  in your facebook status, add a link that allows people to actually do something about it.  There are so many opportunities for that, with very little extra effort.  Back up your words.  You’ll feel better about it.


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2 Responses to “Post to Show You Care ??? (a small rant)”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Oh, Chana – you took this right out of my head (just a little better worded 🙂 )

    I am so pissed off at those posts you can’t imagine. I hate it that they try to guilt you into reposting!

    So I decided a long time ago that I will not repost anything that tries to guilt me into it! And I will not do this to others either.

    I feel the same about being asked at the checkout in supermarkets to donate for one cause or another – every day.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      At least at the market they’re asking you to do something that actually helps. As tiring as it gets.

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