Cable Guy

And yet another example of our lives made complicated by our gadgets.

So the TV started to act up last week.  Not really the TV, the  cable box.  I was suddenly getting a blank screen with the message that there was a problem with the viewing card…and telling me to check that the card was properly inserted, and/or to call customer service.  After fiddling around with the card, I simply pulled the plug, waited a few minutes, then plugged it in again and let the cable box reset itself.  Then it was fine….until the problem screen appeared again.   It started happening every 15-20 minutes – which is quite annoying when you’re trying to watch a movie, or House MD, or the news.

So I called customer service.  After only a (relatively) short wait with muzak and recorded cable ads, an extremely cheery guy answered, asked how I was doing,  and promised to make everything all better with the cable service.   I’m really not used to perky support people, but hey, go with the flow.  It makes a nice change.  A bit weird, but nice.  After following his oh-so-friendly orders/suggestions – cleaning the viewing card connections, blowing into the card slot to get any dust out, etc – and still getting the trouble screen, he had to admit that it was not so simple, and he would get a repair guy to me asap.  Of course, not over the weekend – what a thought – but  we settled on Monday evening – tonight – and he gave a time range of 9-11 pm.

I put up with the irritating card over the weekend.  Tonight after work I turned on the TV in order to show the guy the screen I keep getting.  Of course, the  cable box decided to work perfectly.  No trouble at all.  Then the cable guy called and asked if he could come earlier than we had settled on.  I said sure.  The system was still working perfectly.  The fellow showed up, checked, and discovered that they had originally given me a viewing card that was way out of date and no longer in use by the company.  He was very surprised it had worked until now.  I told him if that was the case, he had better check all the cable boxes in the house, which he did – pronounced them fine, but did some extra fine-tuning anyway.  He switched the cards in the system that was a problem, set it up, and I was good to go once again.  He was happy to be finished much earlier than planned, I was happy to have a working system again,  we cheerfully bid each other goodbye, and off he went.

(I didn’t tell him  that the cat’s favourite resting spot is the cable box, as it’s so warm…I had been worried that that was a contributing factor, but it seems not…whew)

Cable Cat


On the knitting front, only halfway through the garter border on the Reunion Cowl – very long rows, no time at home, and bad light on the commute for working with lace.  Especially such light-coloured lace.  Loving it, though.

This may prove to be a long project….


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