Still digging through boxes.   Reliving memories as I find things, tossing junk I have no idea why I saved.   Occasionally I stumble across a real gem.  Like today.   Today I found a yearbook.  Not mine, I have all of those on the shelf already.  Nope, this was my parents’ yearbook, when they graduated in 1935!

What was happening in 1935 in America and in the world?  It was still the great Depression, Roosevelt was president, Amelia Earhart flew solo across the Pacific, Germany passed the Nuremburg laws, Mussolini attacked Ethiopia, Babe Ruth hit his final home run, the game Monopoly was created.   And none of this was in the yearbook.

Yearbooks, it seems, haven’t changed much.  It looks very much like mine (except for the clothes and hair), with scribbled autographs and graduation pictures and clubs and sports and activities and random pictures of the class, even the last pages filled with advertising.  (What was “vitalized cleaning”, I wonder?)

I found both my parents on the same page of graduate pictures:

My dad’s in the top row, in the center, my mom’s on the bottom row, second from the right.  Some flapper hair style, Mom.   (They started “going” together when they were 12 and 13, dated throughout high school, married a few years after graduating.)

Activities are also listed.  My mom was in the 9th grade Dramatic Club, the Home Economics Club, and in the Puzzle Club.  (Puzzle Club?!?  Cool!  She and I always did puzzles together when I was growing up, and I’m still addicted to puzzles, but a club?  Why didn’t my school have one of those?)  My dad isn’t listed with any activities, he was probably too busy getting into trouble.  😀

I found the pictures of the school clubs fascinating.  Of course, there were the usual language clubs, and debating societies, and drama, and music, and business guilds, etc, etc.

I especially like the Waffle Weaving Club.  They note that they were a social group that got together once a week for enjoyment and waffle weaving.  Hm.  Kinda like a high school Stitch-n-Bitch.  I’m not really sure what waffle weaving is good for, but at least they enjoyed it.

One club that intrigued me is listed only as “Maskers”.  On the same page with the Mathematics Club and the Girls Mechanical Drawing Club.  No explanation of what the Maskers did, and no indication from the picture.  Then I noticed that the Vice President of the Maskers was none other than my mom’s sister.  Aha!  I picked up the phone and called my aunt.  Alas.  Unfortunately, she has absolutely no recollection of what that club was about.  It was, after all, quite some time ago.  (*ahem*)  Although she does remember that the teacher who is listed as the club sponsor taught English Literature and Shakespeare, and she was interested in those subjects, so she assumes the club had something to do with that.  Masks as in drama, perhaps?

In any case, I had a wonderful chat with my aunt, catching up and discussing life in general.

Almost 40 years passed between my parents’ yearbook and my own, and they are surprisingly similar.  And in the almost 40 years since my graduation, I still haven’t seen that much of a change.  Even though I understand some are now on CDs instead of printed, they still have the same elements.

Did you save your yearbook?  Do you enjoy taking a glimpse occasionally?  Or is it buried away along with bad memories of adolescent angst?


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