Time-Wasting Phone Apps

It’s not enough that facebook has enough games to waste our time for hours.  (I don’t play most of the games that I did once.  Enough already.)   Then there are the  games for the smartphones as well.  Angry Birds has become an icon.  Cut The Rope, Ninja Fruit, etc – as well as the phone versions of games like Bejeweled Blitz – have us playing more than speaking on the phones.

Storm8 has a whole set of games to take up time.  I’ve tried most of them, but currently only keep up with a few.

Bakery Story has you design a bakery, prepare food – cakes, pies, ice cream and many more desserts –  and drinks, keep customers happy, send gifts to your neighbours,  give and get tips, gain experience to unlock more recipes, win badges…

Mine has a purple theme, of course…

Restaurant Story is pretty much the same thing, with different decor, and recipes for meals instead of just sweets.

You win badges for purchasing certain items, otherwise I would never had put them in my place….

Fashion Story is the same principle, but here you design a clothing store and order and sell clothes and accessories.  You have to have enough fitting rooms and mirrors or your customers won’t be happy.

There are more along the same lines – City Story, where you design a city;  Empire Story, which is City Story set in Roman times;  Farm Story, where you design a farm and plant and harvest; Treasure Story, where you design your island and hunt buried treasures on a series of other islands.  I’ve tried these but have pretty much stopped playing them.  There are even more – Nightclub Story, Zoo Story, etc. etc. etc. – that I haven’t even downloaded.

Remember when phones were simply a means of communication?  And all we did was use them to talk to other people?   Kidlet was playing on my phone tonight when someone called, and got all bent out of shape because it interrupted her game.

Sometimes I really worry about where we are going with all of this.   Do you?



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