Tea Is Roaming Again

The Ravelry ETTB (European Traveling Tea Box) has again arrived on my doorstep!  Well, it arrived at the post office, but never mind, I’m not bothering with insignificant details….  It only took a week to arrive from Wales, which is much better than average.

(privacy teacups added, of course...)

I happily tore into the wrapping – good grief, Sara, you really wrapped it thoroughly, it took a lot of swearing um, tearing – and was immediately hit by tantalising smells (tea) and sights (yarn)!

I dug right in and discovered…

Lots of yummy teas

and goodies

and yarn.

I’ve just finished trying a cup of  “teapigs” rooibos crème caramel, and the rest of that will be staying with me, thank you very much.  Also grabbed some of the Milford fruit teas, like the pear/pomegranate and the cherry/banana.  (Thank you, google translate)  Took a few samples of the loose teas.  And that was it for the tea stash.  Kidlet swiped some of the candy as well.

The yarn stash grew with the King Cole Riot, I couldn’t resist the colours.  (The colourway is called “cool”.)    I’m thinking….rainbow mitts?

And the wonderful little teapot-covered notions/small project bag has also found a home.  Even the material in the lining has teacups!

Now I have the weekend to decide what to add to the box before sending it back on its way, to Norway this time.  (Heads up, Ranveig!)   Fun to choose what tea/yarn/goodies to add.  I do believe there are a couple of stroopwaffels in the cupboard.  Now what else…?

I need another cuppa tea to help me think.  (~_^)


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