Rain, Renewed knitting and a Rant…

Winter weather has hit, finally.  The rain poured down today, on and off, battering the windows and roof of my office.  Very little spring and autumn here, we do seem to jump rather abruptly from summer to winter and back again.   The sky was a steel gray, but there was a brief break in the clouds on the way home, letting the sunset through just a wee bit before closing up again and letting the dark and rain return.  No time to get the camera out, I used the phone…

I’m knitting again!  I’ve cast on for the Reunion Cowl, with the luscious Merino Silk-quel yarn, although I didn’t have 80cm circs in the right size, so I’m using 100cm addi lace and hoping for the best.  Luckily I’m knitting the largest size.   Mostly I’ve been working on the football scarf for the grand-nephew and my second Lazy Katy with the Aade Lông.  I’m using the sideways edge cast-on instead of picking up stitches along the side, just finished the body of the shawl – 100 rows of stockinette with wonky increases at the ends – and about to begin the set up row for the lace border.

(I also have the yarn to knit another of these, in shades of browns – beige to chocolate – at some as yet undetermined point…)

The cat was trying to be nonchalant here, but she was very watchful and staying very close…

There’s something about this particular yarn that drives her crazy, she’s always trying to rub herself all over it and carry it off.  She usually leaves my stash alone, but this yarn?  I have to be very vigilant about putting it away.    Bad kitteh.

The teeth saga continues.  I spoke too optimistically too soon.   After the last treatment, when the local anesthesia wore off I started having horrible pain along the jaw line and in the ear whenever I opened my mouth or tried to chew.  When I went to the oral surgeon to have the tooth pulled, he determined that when the last dentist gave me the shot, he hit the muscle, and it seized up.  No way to heal that – just have to give it time.  He told me he could give me another shot and go ahead and pull the tooth, with the understanding that subsequently the pain would be much much worse.  If we postpone getting the tooth out, there’s the risk of another infection or abscess.  He told me it was up to me to decide what to do.  I decided to wait with the further treatment until the muscle is better.  So I’m back off of solid foods, mashing up avocados and eggs and whatever protein I can.  The doc again gave me a pain killer.   Heat helps.  I just can’t open my mouth more than a wee bit.  Or chew.  If I’m not paying attention, a yawn turns into a yelp of pain.   I’m fed up with the whole thing.   Bah humbug.

I think I need a yarn crawl to make me feel better…..


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