Read ON!

Back at the beginning of the year I challenged myself to read 52 books in 2011, a book a week.  I figured that was reasonable.  But here at the end of August I have finished 53 books and am halfway through the 54th.  Seems I sadly miscalculated!  So I’ve upped the ante, and changed the challenge on my book page to 75 books in 2011!

Interesting breakdown so far:

  • January            10
  • February            6
  • March                7
  • April                   4
  • May                   4
  • June                   4
  • July                    8
  • August              10

Just over half of the books (27) have been read on the Kindle.

One was a re-read of a book I read and loved in the 80s, lent it to someone, and never saw it again.  Don’t you just hate when that happens???  Pet peeve!!!!!!!   It has happened more than I’d like to think about.  Even when I write my name and number inside the book.  I usually make a note to myself when I lend a book to someone, but not always.  Or people move away without returning books.  Sometimes I just shrug and hope others are enjoying the book, sometimes I go out and buy myself another copy.  Which is what I did this time.

I may use the move and the fact that all the books are now in boxes to try and catalog them properly.  Or not…that may slow down the unpacking, something I definitely do not want!  And as much as I love the feel of a book in my hands, I now find there are some clear advantages of ebooks when one moves house!  (One of the packers told me that after packing all my books she won’t be able to go into a bookstore for months…wimp)


And it’s on with the challenge!


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4 Responses to “Read ON!”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Is that photo of your books? It’s funny; we moved abroad in 2006 with about four books, two of which were Israel guidebooks, and now we have one big and two short overflowing bookshelves – this despite my Kindle! I’m impressed by how diligently you’ve kept track. I tried during January and then lost interest.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Not my picture, but it easily could be… I couldn’t take a picture now, as the books are still mostly in boxes. :-/

  2. Laura Bartlett Says:

    You should definitely check out or while doing the inventory on your books. You can track your goals, ‘friend’ your fav authors, record all of the books you’ve read, all the books you want to read, all the books you own in any form (kindle, book, electronic, audio, etc), write reviews for anything you read, and have followers. Both of these sites are amazing! I use which is linked directly to, so that if you want to buy the book you can buy it then and there. My goal for this year was 100 books–I’m at 111, soon to be 114 by the end of the day. Plus, if you participate in any swaps, you can refer your swap partner to your profile on the site so they know what books you want and what you already have. Great way to track inventory and goals!

    • eclecticitee Says:

      I use goodreads for my book challenge, adding books as I read them. That’s the only way I could possibly keep track! My book inventory is on librarything – what I have and my wishlist – but it really needs updated…

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