I’m still here…..

Barely.  Lost in giant mazes of boxes, no time to knit, no time to blog.  Hard to navigate on crutches.

All I seem to be doing (besides going to work, of course)  is opening one box after another, figuring out where to put what’s inside, and each box is a surprise, since the packers neglected to label anything, and were quite eclectic in packing the things…a bit from a shelf there, from a drawer there, toss it all in and tape it up.  And since there was more than one packer and they  worked in different rooms, and then would push the boxes into other rooms,  it was kinda hard to follow along…

Still haven’t found the electric kettle, nor the mugs.  But after a couple of days I had found some of the tea, and an old stove top kettle, and a set of gift mugs I was meaning to give away.  So I can have my cuppa. (A couple of times I said the hell with it and just went out for tea…)

The technician came yesterday to hook up the TV service and the internet.  (Finally!!!)   Only trouble was, most of the cords and cables were lost in different boxes.  So were all the remotes.  He managed to somehow come up with most of the necessary equipment, and gave me a spare remote as a gift….  I had to go and purchase the rest of what was missing, since I still haven’t discovered where it was all packed.  Most of the computer stuff I’ve found, still missing the cable connecting the printer to the computer, and a multi-port USB cable.  The headphones were attached to the multi-port, and I’ve got the headphones…so go figure.

I’ve got long lists of to-do items, dealing with utilities and address changes and official crap that seems to take up an awful lot of time.  New checks have been printed.   My name has been taken off one mailbox and added to another.  My old landlady is being a royal pain in the butt about closing up all our business, I can’t wait to be rid of her.

The cat is having a marvelous time playing in and on all of the boxes.  Dozens of hiding places to jump out at us from, not to mention the fun of exploring a whole new place and staring out the windows at all the new sights.

We were so careful about measuring the fridge and the space for the fridge in the kitchen, but we neglected to measure the door…and the fridge doesn’t fit through the kitchen door!!!  We had the movers take off the fridge doors and all possible parts until reaching the point of no return, but no dice.  Can’t be done.  So the fridge is sitting on the balcony, at the other end of the flat from the kitchen.  Which is not convenient.  There’s a possibility I may swap fridges with someone, or check out the possibility for trading it in at a shop.  Shame, ’cause I really like my fridge.

My birthday came and went, and as a treat I rested more and unpacked less for the day.  Even got to read a little.   We’re postponing the celebration for a later day, which is fine.

But I do so miss my pointy sticks and yarn.  And my blogging.

Here’s hoping life gets back on a normal keel soon.   Any tips for efficient unpacking??


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8 Responses to “I’m still here…..”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Oh, Chana, what a MESS. Yuck. Sorry to hear about the subpar tea experiences and lack of knitting time. I hope it’s all sorted out soon. My only tip for efficient unpacking is to not have small children around, and I think you’ve got that one covered. Good luck!

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Courtney, thanks! I can always count on you for some comforting words! Actually, I have moved with a small child…and you’re right, not the best way. OTOH, moving with a teenager isn’t much better – she’s not doing much helping (mostly because she’s in a funk that I took the room she wanted…) and still wants me to take time out to chauffeur her around. Argh.

  2. Knittingdancer on Ravelry Says:

    Sorry to hear the fridge won’t go through the doors. I don’t know any hints for moving or unpacking. The last time I moved into a different house was 50 years ago when I was 4. So guess who did the packing and unpacking, my mom. Hope you can find your knitting soon. It is so relaxing to me to knit.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      The yarn is one of the first things I found, thank the goddess!!! Still, the only knitting is on my commute to and from work, no time at home, not even for SnB… I may be out of the boxes when it’s time to renew the lease in a year…. lol

  3. talibeads Says:

    Oh no Chana!!! To move house on crutches? What a nightmare!!!! Do you have a diagnosis on your hip?
    I had AVN in my knee and had to keep off my leg for 3 months but afterwards it was over and I got back to normal.
    Hope you get better soon and out of those boxes.

  4. Roberta Says:

    Boxes beware! The Mess Eliminating, Box Organizing, Transylvanian Witch is here!

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