Have you heard the one about the insurance salesman?

Does anyone really like insurance agents?  I rarely hear anything positive about them…  There is the stereotype of the pushy insurance salesperson who takes advantage of every possible opportunity to sell you a policy. We’ve all experienced that one.  Or those that do their pushing on the telephone.

And after you pay exorbitant rates, it seems they find all kinds of loopholes to get out of covering your exact circumstances…

Most people complain about insurance rates.  And they are high.  When I bought the car and negotiated an insurance policy, partner thought I could have got perfectly good insurance for less.

But now I am not complaining.   On the contrary!

When some lowlife tried to break into my car in May, I called the insurance company from the garage, an appraiser was there within half an hour, approved repairs immediately.  Then they arranged for a car for me while mine was in the garage for almost a week.   The insurance agent stayed in touch with me by phone and by email regarding what forms to fill out and send.   They followed up on the claim.  They made the procedure much less painful.

When my lovely car developed a wee oil leak and started smoking this past weekend, I again called the insurance company and a tow truck was there within hours, shlepping both me and my car to the garage.  And they told me to call back as soon as I knew if I would need a replacement car.  (I didn’t, they fixed the leak right away, while I had a nice chat with the garage service rep about knitting. )

(It’s also nice that so far almost all of the repairs on the car have been covered either by the manufacturer, the dealership, or the rental company that sold the car to the dealership…but I digress.)

My point is, if there is a point to this ramble, is that for once I feel I’m getting my money’s worth.  That’s a rare feeling these days.   And somewhat of a surprise.

How often have you experienced that lately?




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