Happy Birthday Harry!

And even more important, happy birthday to Jo Rowling, with many thanks!

Of course, kidlet and I saw the final film.  I’ll try not to reveal too many spoilers here, in case you haven’t yet seen it.

We had tickets for the day it was released in Israel.  VIP tickets.  Which was quite an experience in and of itself, I could certainly get used to this VIP business.   We were ushered into the VIP lounge a half hour before the film began, where there was a lovely buffet, and a snack bar where everything was free.  Kidlet grabbed a salad, I had two kinds of wonderful quiche.  Then we got some popcorn, drinks, and a tray of nachos with sauce and headed for our seats for the film.  Big, cushy reclining seats with tables.  Only a few rows.  And 3D glasses that actually fit. Very nice.

I thought it was done well… although there were a few things that irked me about the film, there were far more things that I loved.

Neville finally came into his own!

McGonagall – after having been woefully neglected in most of the films – was magnificent, especially when she banished Snape, and when she mobilised the army of armour.

Speaking of  Snape, I always love Alan Rickman, from HP to Galaxy Quest to Robin Hood to Love Actually to…  He did not disappoint here!

Why do I always feel that Ginny isn’t fully appreciated in the films?  Her strength and ability is crucial in the books, but kind of glossed over in the films.  Sad!

The baddies were bad, of course.

As opposed to the baddie wannabes

The dragon was awesome, as was most of  Gringotts.  I have to say, Helena Bonham Carter playing Hermione was absolutely brilliant.  Not to mention unsettling.

And thank you, thank you, thank you filmmakers for keeping in my favourite line of the whole battle.  Molly, obviously.  And if you don’t know which line I mean, you never read the book.

The forest scene was great.

I didn’t really see the need for the 3D, actually.  Except for a very few scenes, like in the bank vault.  And Nagini in 3D was a little unnerving.  But otherwise, meh.

And where was the cloak at the end?!?

Well.  I am definitely going back to see this again.  And again.


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