Knits and Knots

I have heard people describe knitting (and crocheting as well) as making a series of knots in yarn/string.  Wrong!  Knitting is a series of loops, in which the last thing we want is a knot!    Hence the ability to easily unravel the loops, sometimes a convenience and sometimes a downright hazard.  Although, in actual fact,  we do finish off a knitted work with a sort of knot, which means that perhaps technically a knitted project is one giant complex knot.   But the point is that the artistry lies in the many variations of loops one can make.

Knotting, on the other hand, is a different art, with variations and techniques all its own.  I have little experience with knotting, except for a few years of doing all sorts of macramé during the 70s.    Macramé is only one facet of knotting,  practiced only since around the 13th century.   Knots are used in many fields of work, can be decorative or practical,  there’s an area of mathematics known as knot theory.

J.D. Lenzen is the creator of the YouTube channel “Tying It All Together”, and the producer of over 100 instructional knotting videos. He’s been formally recognized by the International Guild of Knot Tyers  for his contributions to knotting, and is the originator of Fusion Knotting — innovative knots created through the merging of different knot elements or knotting techniques.

His book, Decorative Fusion Knots, was published in November of 2010. Featuring both fusion and historical knots (60 in all), the book shows J.D.’s process of creating knots and art.

Just a few of the many knots from his website (you can check out instructions on how to make them, too):

I’m seeing all kinds of jewelry here.  But maybe that’s just me.



Amazing things to do with fibre.


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2 Responses to “Knits and Knots”

  1. Sara Says:

    I am in love and totally want to learn to knot.

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