Of homes and hats and deep fried ice cream

Still hunting for a new home.  I’ve called around a lot, seen a couple of places, haven’t been thrilled with anything.  More numbers to call.  Been packing some things in boxes – what I can manage.  Hope I find something soon.  Or decide to settle for not thrilling but available.   *sigh*

During my commute I’ve been juggling my three KAL projects.  The scarf and the socks are both past the halfway mark.  And I’ve cast on for the Ironic Hipster hat,  with the wonderful Yak! Bam! yarn.

I’ve chosen Lizzie for the main colour, with Homer as contrast.  And I’ve learned a brand new technique.  This hat, like so many hats and gloves and other items with cuffs or brims, starts out with a long strip for the brim, then you pick up a whole lotta stitches along one edge and start knitting the main part of the hat.  Well, Lee over on her blog Leethal! do stuff!  has “unvented” a way to do this perpendicular knitting without picking up stitches and without seaming!  She calls it the Sideways Edge Cast On, and it involves clever increases and short rows to knit and hold the stitches that will be needed later along the side edge.  (I’ve also added this link to my techniques page for easy searching.)  Here’s the very beginning of the brim.

See the stitches along the edge?  They’re being held on the needle, but I won’t knit them until after I finish the brim.    (The stitch marker is also Indigodragonfly swag.  Of course.)

Here’s farther along the brim, which remains the same width throughout.

This is seriously cool.  I may go looking for more patterns that pick up edge stitches just so I can use this technique again….  Garter tab cast on for shawls come to mind….  Hm.

We took Sister-in-Law out to lunch for her birthday on the weekend.  She chose a Taiwanese restaurant.  Fun decorations on the food.

After the meal. of course, they must have something to put the sparkler in so we could sing happy birthday.  They brought her the house specialty, ice cream dipped in batter and deep fried.  I was way too full for any dessert, but the others at the table attacked the ice cream with a vengeance and it was soon gone!

They tell me it was yummy.

And now back to perusing the rental ads….


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