Blogoversary!!!! And Winners!

Wouldn’t you know it, just when it’s time to choose my blogoversary winners, my computer starts to act up and keeps turning off in the middle of everything.  Luckily, partner’s computer is working!

I haven’t blogged much in the past couple of weeks, I do apologise.  Life has decided to give me a bit of a slap in the face, and I’ve been dealing.  Haven’t even been knitting much. 

The major cause of stress:  landlords have informed me that they will not be renewing my rental contract, they’ve decided to sell the flat.  Which means that I have about three weeks to move out.  Plus side:  living with crutches on the third floor without an elevator has been killing me.  Minus side:  I have no place to move to, and rent prices have gone through the roof in the past year, which means I’ll have to budget a lot more for living expenses, with no raise in my paycheck.  Plus side:  I’ll get away from stingy landlords who hate to pay for repairs, either doing it themselves or counting on family members to do it for free in their spare time, which can mean a long wait.  And both the electricity and the water heater have chronic issues.  Minus side:  Choices for a new place are extrememly limited, since right now I can only take a ground floor flat or one with an elevator.  Plus side:  I can get a place with A/C, something my current landlords refused to furnish.  Minus side:  I can’t pack anything myself, which means I’ll have to hire the moving company to also do the packing for me.   Which is expensive.  And after ten years in this place, the packrat who is me has accumulated a whole lotta junk.  A friend has been helping me clear out some of it, but time is soooo short. 

So I’ve been making a lot of calls, looking at flats after work, and wracking my brain how I’m going to do all of this, let alone pay for it. 

Doesn’t leave much time for knitting, does it?  I have managed to finish one of the Monkey socks!  Haven’t blocked it yet, though.


As for the Strickens, I have reached a decision. They are going nowhere. It has just been a bad match of pattern and yarn. While I love both, they do not go well together. The yarn with very little twist, the splitty-ness, make working cables way too much frustrating work. And the odd striping both hides the pattern and makes it impossible to read the knitting.

I should have listened to my doubts at the beginning. When there was still time to cast on with another yarn for the KAL. I’m at the point where I am just not. enjoying. this project. When I sit down to knit, I reach for anything else. And life is way too short to knit something that I’m not having fun with.

So sadly, this sock is visiting the frog pond. I will use the yarn for another pattern, and I will definitely knit me a pair of Strickens at some point, hopefully soon. The pattern is awesome.

But time to move on to something much more cheerful!    This blog post is also a celebration!   A celebration of two years of my ramblings.  So with no further ado…

D r u m r o l l ,   p l e a s e ! !

(And with thanks to Random.Org,)

A copy of Knitting Rules! will be going to Debbie C.!!

A copy of It Itches!  will be going to Melissa Z.!!

Congratulations!!  I will email you for your mailing addresses this weekend.  Enjoy!!!!  We all need to laugh.

Thanks so much to everyone for reading, for commenting, for joining me on this journey that wanders here and there.   I love sharing my thoughts with you, and love to hear your responses. 

And we move into the third year….



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