Minion Jewelry

In the Indigodragonfly Summer Knitalong of Doom I have completed a brand new project . Using up just a wee bit of my leftover Minion MCN sock, I have created a Minion Membership WIP Pin!

OK, so the toothpicks and beads and pin backing aren’t from Kim, but the yarn is. And that’s all the rules call for.  Not that anyone pays attention to rules in that crowd.  Which is why I love ’em so much.

I entered this in the “sooper sekrit”  category of the KAL.  Although there’s also a “Less Big” category –   can’t get less big than this – or I could even have created a new jewelry category.   (That last would have given me a higher chance of a prize, I suppose, less competition…but I don’t think Kim would have gone for a one-project category.)

It could be argued that the bitty sweater is a WIP, of course, but the pin is a FO depicting a WIP, just to confuse the issue… and confusing the issues is one of my favourite things!

The pattern actually suggests making the itty bitty needles first and knitting the WIP with them.   I said oh no, uh-uh, no way.   So I knitted with regular needles, then made the toothpick needles and slid the stitches over to them.

My mama didn’t raise no fool. 😉

I still have a couple of ideas concerning the rest of the Minion yarn.  As much as I adore Indigodragonfly yarn, all I have in my stash is the club yarns, so I have to make do with that for as many projects as possible.

Minion Accessories.  I has it.


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One Response to “Minion Jewelry”

  1. northernnarratives Says:

    Oh, that is really special and so cute! Judy

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