Time Out for the Project Gnome

I put my Stricken sock  in Time Out last week.  Naughty sock!! I don’t know if it was the yarn, the pattern, or me, but the dastardly project gnome attacked and nothing was going right. It happens every once in a while, even with a simple pattern.   Suddenly it’s all silly mistakes.   Stupid mistakes.   Novice mistakes.   Getting through chart D for the leg of the sock, I was tinking more than I was knitting, and several dropped stitches were picked up any which way. When it took me an hour and a half to successfully finish half a round (at 40 stitches that’s over 2 minutes per stitch!!!), I put it aside in frustration. And this wasn’t even the “dreaded” complicated heel chart E!

Well, I took it out of Time Out last night, and managed to sail through a few rounds with no problems. Let’s hope the Gnome has disappeared. What a relief!

The striping has gotten very strange.  After the stripes all around the cuff and first part of the leg,  the stripe colours have all pooled on one half of the sock.

It’s much harder to read the knitting – and indeed, to even see the pattern – with all this going on.  This leaves the other half a solid colour.

I think I’ll use the solid pattern for the front of the sock, and the colours for the back.    And who knows what will happen once I reach the foot.

I’m still a little disappointed, because I wanted to finish at least one sock for this KAL before the end of the month, but never mind. Hopefully I’ll at least finish the leg.  I’ve had very little knitting time. And this may be one project that I should not do in a moving vehicle while trying to balance the chart on my knees.

One very good thing out of this experience is that I am now much more proficient at reading cable charts.  With charts A-C, I was constantly referring to the key to make sure I’d got it right.  This pattern has ten different cables!!   By now I don’t need to.  Which is certainly a time-saver.  (And re-reading some of the tips in the “Understanding Cables” section of Lily Chin’s book Power Cables sure helped as well!)

I was a little worried about my sock mojo for a while there, but it seems it just needed a little break, and is back and strong.  Begone, gnome.

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2 Responses to “Time Out for the Project Gnome”

  1. Sara Says:

    Hmmm. Very odd pooling. Those cables are WOW!! You’re doing great!

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