Project Madness

Finished the shawl for kidlet’s friend, it’s blocking now.  With my blocking wires being used for the very first time!!!   (The wires were a surprise gift from a swapping partner, who sent them separately since they were outside the budget limit of the swap…what a sweetie!  Thanks, Irene!!)

I made the shawl bigger by adding pattern repeats, which threw my stitch count way off when I went to do the border.  The chart just did not work out with the larger number of stitches.  (Or maybe it was me – had trouble getting my head around the transition from the shawl body to the border, which is odd since this isn’t the first time I’ve knitted this pattern…)  I figured I would have to add a whole bunch of rows, or tink back to the right number of stitches to add the border as written.  Well, not exactly as written, I had to pick up the border on the second row of the chart.  After tinking back about….800 stitches or so.  I was not a happy camper.

I’m using an old mattress instead of the new blocking mats I bought through my pal Galia, since the blocking mats are a lot bigger, and I didn’t have room to put them all together.  The mattress works fine.  Besides, I’m going to need all the blocking mats to finally block my circle vest, when I get around to it.  Blocking a big circle is better as a group effort, I may need to recruit some volunteers.  And move some things around so I can get a big enough space.

So now I’m back to the Summer Mystery shawlette, almost done with the third chart (for the first time, still two more repeats of the chart to do).  At least for this project the rows are getting shorter all the time.

And I’ve passed the halfway mark on the criss cross scarf.  This is really such luscious yarn!

I’m waiting for a package to arrive to start the next project on my list.  I have heard many good things about Chiaogoo lace needles, so I ordered a lace circular in the right size for the project and will check it out.  I love my addi lace circs, and my KP Harmony interchangeables,  but hey, it’s always fun to try different tools!

Lots of evidence that I’m loving my kindle over on my reading page…and there are lots of new deals for summer reading.   Especially enjoying Deb Baker’s Yooper series, and Karen Cantwell’s Take the Monkeys and Run, although so far all the books have been great, haven’t run into anything less than 4 stars yet!  And I’m still 22% ahead of schedule for my reading challenge.

I need more hours in the day.  As usual.


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