What a weekend!

Friday started bright and early as 5 of us from Haifa (that’s all that would fit, the others had to come by themselves…) piled into Roberta’s car and off we went to Tel Aviv for our annual Yarn & Falafel Israeli Spring Fiber Fling!  We met up in a big park with lots of trees for shade from the heat and commenced our chatting, eating, laughing, knitting, crocheting, spinning, and shopping.

photo by Etzion

photo by Ayelet

Every year the crowd gets bigger, and this year there were lots of spouses and kids joining in.   Lots more vendors this year, too, with yummy yarn, roving,   accessories, and handmade products.

photo by Ayelet

photo by Ayelet

A whole swapping and de-stashing area, as well.

I was very good.  Really!!   I didn’t splurge…too much.

photo by Ayelet

Just some aade long lace yarn from esse in gorgeous browns:

and a row counter from Henya (ChickenStitches)

The row counter came with a gift – a little turtle.  It was perfect for my hat!

I also got a book from Daphna – can’t wait to try some of the patterns in here!

My yarn-bombed crutches were a hit.  I sat a lot.  Worked on the Summer Mystery.  Coveted people’s toys…

photo by Ayelet

and encouraged the next generation….

The event was over way too soon, as everyone scattered to all corners of the country to get home for Sabbath.  And I still had a lot ahead of me for the evening!

But more about the rest of the weekend later….


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One Response to “What a weekend!”

  1. Esther Says:

    I have such a fantastic time and it was great to see you.
    (And look! I am commenting again :0)

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