Is anyone surprised??

So I started the Wendy Knits mystery KAL.  With the Fleece Artist yarn.  When I pulled it out of my stash, it was much more variegated than I remembered.  All red, but a wide range of reds from burgundy to almost-but-not-quite pink (ack!), orangy to purplish.  There’s wine red and candy cane red and blood red and more, all blended into one another.  And it’s gorgeous.  I just hope it’s not too intense for a lace shawl.  I hate it when the yarn distracts from the pattern.

So far it seems to be OK.  I cast on last night and did the set up rows, then started the first chart.  Got halfway through it.

The detail is lovely.

I have one more row now before I start the second chart.  Can’t stand it, have to just see what it will look like.

Yep.  I like.  Carry on.  Time to finish the chart, bung in a lifeline and start the second chart.

The only thing so far I would have done differently is the double decrease – the pattern calls for a left- leaning dd and I would have done a centered one.  But it’s still good, nothing I would start over for!  I do have to pay attention to the SSK – Wendy specifies slipping the first stitch as if to knit, then the second as if to purl, then knitting them together tbl.  She says that for her it’s nicer, lays flatter.  So I have to remember to do them that way.  Always good to learn alternative ways.

On with the mystery.


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One Response to “Capitulation”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Sounds and looks good . I can’t wait to see how the FO will look like!

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