Will you be the Last Knitter Standing?

It was only a matter of time.  I’ve found a knitting game!!!

Check out Last Knitter Standing.

From the website:

Last Knitter Standing is the first knitting game ever! The object is to be the knitter with the most knitted rows at the end of the game and be crowned the “Last Knitter Standing.” Through a series of Challenges and Questions, Last Knitter Standing will not only make you laugh, learn, and test your knitting knowledge, but will also tap into your competitive spirit . (Please remember that it is a game, so no poking your opponents with your knitting needles) So get ready to have a great time!!!

I don’t know what games go for these days, so I can’t say if the price is steep or reasonable, but it does look like a lot of fun.  And good use of scrap yarn.

Do you enjoy games?  Most games I play these days are online and/or downloaded to my PC, but although there is an online version of this game in the works, I think this one would be best sitting around a table with friends.  Knitting friends.

They also sell a winner’s bag, which does look like a great knitting bag.  And it’s purple.  sigh    It had to be purple.  Obviously not something to buy for every time you play the game.   But still…

According to their Ravelry group, at Stitches South this year, the game was bought by Debbie Macomber (#1 New York Times Best Selling Author and creator of the yarn line “Blossom Street Collection”) and Lorna Miser (Founder of Lorna’s Laces yarn and author of the new book, “The Knitter’s Guide to Hand Dyed and Variegated Yarns”).    Also according to the group, there will be at least one knitting guild playing the game during World Wide Knit In Public Day on June 11th.  Which is an awesome idea.

Want to watch their video?

Haven’t yet checked out their facebook page, but I probably will.

Now to convince partner that I actually have time to sit around and play games.  Hm.  Tough task.  Any advice?


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3 Responses to “Will you be the Last Knitter Standing?”

  1. Knittingdancer on Ravelry Says:

    It think it would be fun to play at a knitting guild meeting.

  2. Esther Says:

    Sounds like something to bring to the Fall meet-up?
    (And yes I’m back:0)

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