Lucky wedding??

Went to a wedding today – my boss’  daughter.  What fun to be married on Friday the 13th!!  Fantastic.  A lovely egalitarian ceremony, which is rare here.  And both the bride and the groom stomped on glasses, the first time I’ve seen that since I did it 30 years ago!!  Yay!

Following a map to the wedding hall in the center of the country, two minutes out of the city, and I found myself on a country road with pastoral farms on either side.  Farmer plowing with a horse-drawn plow.  (I would have stopped to take a picture of that but it was a narrow road and there were cars  behind me.  Got there early to grab a parking spot close to the door.  Found a comfy seat in the entrance hall and had fun chatting to all sorts of folks.    Wonderful food, it was so very frustrating to have to sit and rely on others to fetch for me.  After the ceremony and lunch, one of my coworkers asked me to dance, told me he’d just throw me over his shoulder and we could dance that way, and I wouldn’t have to use my hip.  Ha ha.

At least the yarn bombing was finished and people loved what I did with my crutches.

(Bad light, the colours aren’t true- can’t see the lavender at all.  I need to take a better photo.)

The weather was crazy.  Started out from home, it was sunny.  Halfway there the rain started.  Got quite stormy.  Arrived at the wedding and the rain had stopped, but it was all gray and chilly.  All the outdoor tables were moved inside.  No rain for the actual ceremony, so we were outside, when we went in to eat the wind had really picked up and we were freezing.  By the end of the meal the sun had come out and we went out to sit in the sun.  All of this in the space of about 4-5 hours!  I was kind of prepared – carried a waterproof backpack…but I haven’t yet figured out how to hold an umbrella while using the crutches.  Hm.  Seems there are lots of little details that still need to be worked out.

Oh, and speaking of weddings, here’s the latest that’s going around the web:

Royal wedding =  Cinderella

OK, so the colours have been photoshopped.  But it’s still funny.

What do you think about Friday the 13th for a wedding?


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