And the smoke of the BBQ covers the land

Well, Independence Day is over for another year, the country is now officially 63 years old.

The sharp transition from Memorial Day, from mourning to joy, was as difficult and as necessary as ever.  After nightfall, we repeated our custom of watching the fireworks from the beach, then went to eat at Maxim restaurant.

Why Maxim?  Aside from having superb food, it was the site of a terror attack 7½ years ago in which 21 people were killed, including three families (two of which covered 3 generations) – people we knew from work, from kidlet’s school, from local TV.  Going there to eat during the holiday just seems fitting.  We stopped by the memorial next to the restaurant where there had been a ceremony earlier in the day.

Following the solemnity of the day, after the fireworks the restaurant was crowded and noisy with families coming from the huge neighbourhood parties.  Concerts and celebrations went on through the night throughout the city and all over the country.

Today we joined what seemed like the entire population of the country in firing up the grill and having a BBQ.  First, though, we arrived at kidlet’s kibbutz where there was a show including music, acrobatics, essay reading, juggling, and group singing.    And much laughter.  Then we all headed to the forest for the picnic. 

Lots of good food and good company.

We schlepped a chair for me, once I navigated my way there on the crutches I didn’t move around much.

Plenty of activities for everyone, most popular was the slide kept slippery with soap and water.

Kidlet had quite a time with it, as did almost all of the kids, and some of the parents and school staff as well

I laughed at kidlet with her wet clothes.  She laughed right back at me, and asked me if I could have, would I have tried it too?  The answer was of course!  But, since I couldn’t this time, I consoled myself with conversation and knitting, and managed to finish most of the yarn-bombing project. 

Had my Tiara socks with me as well, but didn’t want to fuss with a chart.  (Kidlet tried to convince me to give them to her, but her feet are bigger than mine, and when she tried on the first sock realised that it doesn’t fit.  Ha.) 

We returned home quite exhausted, it will be an early night tonight, tomorrow it’s back to work.  Will take  down the flags later this week. 

Happy Birthday for another year, Israel.


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