In-house yarn bombing

I’ve received a wonderful swap package from Linda in New Hampshire!

Some merino superwash in a beautiful blue, Patricia Cornwell’s Port Mortuary, one of the few books of hers that I didn’t have, a great notebook, a bunch of stickers, some yummy teas and this gorgeous tea mug

perfect for loose teas.  All the pieces arrived intact!

Can’t wait to use it.

Also in the package were two discs of music.  One – “Music to Read By” – is solo piano, very soothing,  great not only for reading or knitting but also for  driving, especially in awful traffic.  I can attest to the fact that it kept my blood pressure down!

I’ve finished the first Minion Tiara sock, and immediately cast on for the second.

I was slightly less inspired for the second, since I had no royal wedding to watch while knitting.   But still, it seems that so far I’m avoiding Second Sock Syndrome.

I may take a slight  break from socks, since I have a very strong urge to do some in-house yarn bombing and knit covers for the crutches.  They just look so naked!  I dug through my ancient acrylic stash and found some colourful bulky yarn.

I’ll do some kind of a rib so it will hold the crutch well.  I tried several swatches, knitting in the round to make a tube, but if it can fit over the wide bottom of the crutch then it’s way too loose and floppy on the crutch, even with the rib.  So it looks like I’ll be knitting it flat and seaming it right onto the crutch.  Which was what I was going to do for the upper section anyway.  I want to get this done fast, since I have a wedding to attend in a week and I want pretty crutches.   No, I’m not really crazy, honest.

Still undergoing lots of tests, most of them including blood work.  Within a week and a half, the vampire nurses have drawn a whole lotta blood three separate times, and all from the same place!  Seems the veins on the other arm aren’t as prominent.  But ow, geez.  (Actually, the nurses have been fantastic so far.)

Can’t wait for Independence Day this coming week, we’re going to a picnic at kidlet’s boarding school.  We’ll carry a folding chair for me.  Probably won’t finish the yarn bombing by then, though…  Pity.

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