Hippy with a bum hip?

Saw the specialist.  Finally, after months of suffering an incompetent doctor, I found someone who actually knows what he’s talking about.  And could explain to me what’s going on. Relief.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that it seems that part of my hip bone has weakened and collapsed.  Lots more tests are needed to confirm this, though.  Went through some blood work today, and have more tests later in the week.  Different hospital tests have been scheduled for next month, and I don’t yet know when I have to do the MRI.

In the meantime, the doc has ordered that I take all pressure off the hip, and so crutches are the first item on the list.  Physiotherapy is out of the question.  And tomorrow I can go back to work, on the condition that I sit as much as possible, and use the crutches any time I have to move around.

I think I’m on auto-pilot.  Obsessing on silly little details like how the devil do I carry a mug of tea from the kitchenette to my desk while using crutches.  Or get my food at the cafeteria.  Stuff like that.  Stairs take a lot more time to navigate.  I’ve switched all my things to a backpack.  Answering a ringing cell phone while walking down the sidewalk becomes a logistics project.  I guess over the next few weeks, until all the information is in, I’ll figure a lot of it out.  And I’ll have to depend on other people more, which I hate.

At home I’ve been doing a lot of resting.  Some reading.  Downloaded a couple more cozies.  Mostly knitting.  Finished the heel on the Tiara sock and I’m into the instep now.

I love knitting socks, even though I don’t knit many. They seem so complicated, heels and gussets and what-have-you, and then it all magically works out.  It never fails to amaze me.

So…    A slight adjustment of reality.   For a while at least.   Need to alter things in my life to include these.

Hm.  Maybe I’ll knit some nice soft cotton handle covers…


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