Socks and Murder and Hats, oh my!

Cast on the first  Minion Tiara sock during the royal wedding, very appropriate.  Finished the cuff before going to bed.

Worked on the leg today, I’m into the third (and last) pattern repeat before starting the heel flap

(Colours came out terrible in that photo…)

There are a couple of minor “features” due to dropped stitches.  I am totally blaming the meds for them. 

Finished reading the first Jeff Resnick mystery during knitting breaks.  Time to start on the second.  I am loving the Kindle!

I must say, just seeing the hats at the wedding made it worth watching.  Most were lovely, tasteful, some were a bit more daring, and some were simply baffling.

This just looks silly.  No offense, of course.

A bit too gaudy, IMHO.  And a little….um…large.

This has potential, but too much of a hazard for near-by people.

How on earth is this thing attached??

OMG, what was princess Beatrice thinking??!

I love hats.  I wish they were more in fashion for everyday wear, and not just for hiking in the sun.  But some of these are just disturbing.  Entertaining, but disturbing. 

I should go dig out my good old fedora.  Let’s start a new trend…

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