My application has been submitted…

I was naughty yesterday.  I went out briefly.  I needed some groceries, and the supermarket is next to the post office and I had a couple of packages to be picked up, and…well…it was really only for a few minutes.

My hip hurt afterwards, but it was so worth it – got my Smart-Ass Knitters World Domination package!

The yarn:  MCN sock (Merino Cashmere Nylon), in the colourway Now Accepting Applications for Minions.  (It’s got charcoal grey – for the minion,  brown – brown nosing minion,  white for the pointy teeth and tealy-greeny-blueish…the colour of ennui, or, perhaps…minion blood.)

The swag:  A fantastic project bag by Crafty Red Fox – featuring the SAKWD minion.  Note the yarn for brains, and eyes, needles for arms, knit socks, and the minion number #K2P2.

The pattern:  Tiara socks, designed by Susan Lutsky  (knitsnknishes on Ravelry).  How appropriate – I have cast on for the Tiaras while watching the Royal Wedding!

photo by indigodragonfly

So.  I am now propped up in bed, knitting bags and iPhone and Kindle by my side.  I guess I’m all set for the day.


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