Knit two rows and call me in the morning

Been knitting.  Not so much blogging.   Harder to blog when I’m cranky.

The leg/hip is worse.  Physiotherapy isn’t helping.   Well…maybe it is, but it sure isn’t doing anything for the pain.  I’m seeing a hip specialist next week, was trying to hold on until then.  But the pain got so bad we ended up going to the ER.  They took more X-Rays, from all angles, hip and knee and spine, and a bunch of blood tests.  The orthopedic specialist on call said overall I was in terrific health.  Except I can’t stand up for very long.  Or walk very much.  Or sometimes even sit or lie down without pain.  Doesn’t leave many options!  So now I’m staying home on sick leave, with much stronger pain meds until I see the specialist.  And incredibly cranky.

Knitting is the best therapy, of course.  Oddly, I’m finding it harder to concentrate on reading – but that may be my choice of books, I should probably go for some lighter-than-usual reading right now.  So I’ve been working on my Criss-Cross scarf.  And I’ve  finished a quick gift for a swap package.

Did a whole lotta knitting while waiting in the ER.  Because waiting is basically what one does in an ER.  And, as always, it started many conversations.  A young Arab fellow, after watching me knit, came over and told me all about his grandmother who used to knit for the whole family.  And that started a group discussion with everyone around us chiming in about the knitters in their families/lives.  The general consensus – in Hebrew, Arabic and Russian – was that it is an art form that’s also practical.  I certainly won’t argue with that!

And beneficial in that it took everyone’s minds away from why we were all sitting there.

Over the holiday, I did manage to take decent daylight pictures of the nieces’ scarves:

Which is why I feel great about now knitting for me again!

I should knit me a new hip…  😛    Anyone have a good pattern?

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