Well, the Seder is behind us for yet another year.   Kidlet did a lot of the reading this year, we all joined in the songs, drank the wine, etc. etc.  I had to restrain myself from eating too much. 

My contributions to the meal:

The Haroset.  There are so many family traditions and wide varieties of recipes for haroset, but whenever possible I prepare my mother’s:  apples diced tiny, crushed walnuts, sweet red wine, and cinnamon is optional.  Yum.

Pot Roast.  I originally planned to make Beef Brisket, but since I had to work up until the day before the Seder, there was no way to do all the advance preparations for the dish.  So pot roast it was.  I took the recipe, contributed by Robin Leonard, from one of my favourite Jewish cookbooks, Out Of Our Kitchen Closets – San Francisco Gay Jewish Cooking, from Congregation Sha’ar Zahav.  (I was a member of this congregation way back in the early 80s, and was lucky to snag one of the first of the cookbooks to be sold in 1987.)

The pot roast was melt-in-your-mouth delicious, so we weren’t at all sorry that the brisket plan got canceled.    And the veggies were cooked in the broth-that-became-the-gravy.

Killer Kugel.  From the Mystery Lover’s Kitchen website,  posted by author Barbara Fradkin.  Potatos, zucchinis, carrots, parsnips, onions and eggs make this a wonderful side dish.  Although I did switch the parsnip/carrot ratio.  (We like carrots.) 

There was no room for dessert, so the cake was ignored.  A couple of chocolate-covered almonds and that was it.  Oh, and a bite of the Afikoman, of course. 

Other than the Seder, the majority of the vacation seems to be playing chauffeur to kidlet.  Dropping her off at friends’ or at parties, and picking her up in the wee hours.  I did manage to run some errands today, and we all did a spot of shopping.  Including hitting a LYS, where kidlet announced she wants yet another hat, this time a slouchy one, and we chose the yarn.  After a pattern search, the pattern has been added to my Ravelry queue and the yarn reserved for it.  Too many things still on the needles for me to start now, but she is perfectly ok with it being for next winter, since this winter has departed. 

Racing from one errand to another, I had to stop to look at the view…despite the fact that it’s a view I see daily. 

Love this town.

How often do you stop to look at what you see every day?


One Response to “Vacation”

  1. Courtney in Crete Says:

    You do have an awesome view. I miss Haifa.

    Your seder sounds fabulous!

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