Tea Snob Heaven

Oof!  I’ve been busy with preparations for Pesach…well, at least I’ve been trying to get the flat in order.  Between that and work, and running after kidlet on vacation, there hasn’t been much time to blog.    (I’m not really running after kidlet physically, just emotionally … like sitting up all night when she goes to an all-night party/dance/club.  Still takes a toll…  And I’m very glad that I’m not 16 any more.)  Still have last minute shopping to do, too.

Sent out one swap package, and just about ready to send out another.  And waiting very impatiently for the Smart Ass Knitters April package.

What has arrived is the Traveling Tea Box from Steepster!    It began its multi-continent journey  in January 2010, and after several snags along the way has finally arrived on my doorstep from the US, and will then continue to the original starting point in Europe.

Oh, my.  As opposed to the Ravelry TTB, which is tea and yarn, this box is purely tea-related.  Very few accessories, just amazing teas.   I honestly don’t know where to start.  And how much I can take out without emptying the box completely!  I am not nearly as much of a tea snob as I am a yarn snob ( 😀 ), but this is just astounding.

First, some of the scented teas:

Also some pure-leaf (no scents):

Various and sundry other teas:

A few tins as well:

Some tea bags and storage, and a disc of music that I plan to listen to as I sip

If I have time, I’ll sort out what I’m keeping before tomorrow, but it’s doubtful.  I will be putting the box away for Pesach  (rotten timing!), but I foresee an orgy of tea tastings immediately following the holiday!  And probably more than one tea party.

Mm.  Glorious.


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