The Royal Wedding

It’s only three weeks away, and I still haven’t received my invitation.  I just can’t understand it.

Oh, you’re not invited either?

Well, never fear, we can all be there.  Or have it wherever we are.  We can knit it.  Thanks to Fiona Goble, who has published this book  Knit Your Own Royal Wedding.

Everyone is there.  Prince William, Kate Middleton, the Queen.  Prince Harry, Prince Philip and Prince Charles, all in their proper uniforms, you understand, with a little explanation of each.  The Archbishop in his vestments with embroidered details, Camilla with her handbag and little ribbon rose brooch.  And of course how could we possibly leave out the corgis?

Once you have spent I-don’t-know-how-many hours knitting the wedding party, at the end is a chapter of alternate clothing, so you can fill out your wedding with guests, maybe even knitting yourself attending the wedding.  Honoured guest, obviously.   And a foldout illustration of Westminster Abbey so you can set the scene.

There is also a pocket in the book with a little balcony, so you can pose all the dolls.

My mind is boggling here.  Just when you think you’ve seen everything, something comes along and leaves you gobsmacked.  (That’s British for flabbergasted…I’m trying to stay in character here.)

The detail.  The research.  The amazing knitting.  I’m wondering how many copies of this book have been sold.  There have been reports that it has been popular in England.   One reviewer offered the idea that the dolls can be knit as voodoo dolls as well, if you’re so inclined, but that seems a bit rude.

And despite the fact that each project comes complete with clear knitting instructions suitable for both new and accomplished knitters, and full-color photos of the finished doll,  I do wonder how may people will really actually honestly truly seriously knit the royal family.   Even if they do kind of look like Muppets.

On the other hand, the book would be a fun and pretty unique souvenir for the knitters among us of what is being called the “Event of the Decade”.  (Good grief, people, it’s only 2011, the decade has barely begun!)

Would I like to have this book?  Actually, yes.  Because it’s one of those cases in which unless I have concrete proof in my hands, in the future no one would ever believe me if I told them about it.


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6 Responses to “The Royal Wedding”

  1. Marina Says:

    I really don’t get the amount of excitement about this wedding. Rich boy meets a pretty girl wearing next to nothing and wants to get to, hmmm, know her. Wow, how romantic.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      But not just any rich boy. Rich boy who is going to be a king. Although royalty seems a bit odd to me in this day and age… I guess people feel connected somehow.

  2. Ellen Says:

    I’ve got mine but I’m putting a *ahem* twist ton them. I’ve almost finished and don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say that it required me working out how to knit miniature thigh-highs…

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