Furoshiki and Keychains

As the spring holidays approach, with gifts for family and friends,  I want to find a greener way to wrap presents.  I remembered a recycling site I saw around Chanuka/Christmas that showed the Japanese Furoshiki – wrapping gifts using cloth.  Ha!  A great solution.  Check it out:

I will check out some nice material when I go to get kidlet some more for her sewing.  She is doing some amazing things, btw. 

I finished a teeny project today –  a mini sock for my mini sock blocker keychain I got from Irene in last month’s swap.  I used some scrap sock yarn I received in a destash swap – no idea what it is, the person who sent it to me had lost the tag and couldn’t remember what she had used it for.  But it made a great tiny sock.

I knit it using magic loop, which I so prefer to dpns.  Only a little bit of adjustment to the pattern.  Since it was so small, I found I could use the magic loop with three sections, to make following the pattern easier.

I may make more, in more colours.  Teeny socks are addictive!  I’ve already showed it to quite a few people who were very enthusiastic and wanted one too.  Methinks I will be ordering more of these from Knitcellaneous.  (They also have mitten keychains!)  Great gifts! 

And for larger gifts, on to the Furoshiki.


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2 Responses to “Furoshiki and Keychains”

  1. Galia Says:

    That furoshiki wrapping is one of the coolest things I’ve seen lately. Now I can go back to your blog and know I’ll find the video here 🙂

  2. Roberta Says:

    I loved especially the bag idea 🙂

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