A Twitter Murder

We all know by now that I love murder mysteries.  Reading a book is no longer a simple experience – there are paper-and-ink books, e-books, audio-books, and probably a few other options available to choose from… And on another plane, today’s social networks are constantly evolving and provide us with many new and unexpected forums and experiences.  Tonight there will be a new experiment on Twitter, in an attempt to show both its power and its potential.

Austin Lugar is a telecommunications major at Ball State University in Indiana, and for a Pop Culture class project he’s writing an entire murder mystery on Twitter.   It will happen tonight starting at about 7:00 p.m. EST and will last for about three hours.

From his blog:

Seven characters are going to a mansion for a dinner party when—what do you know—a murder takes place. Along with the host of the party, his surly butler, and the determined detective the crime will (probably) be solved.

There are two ways to watch all of the comedic action. Keep track of the hashtag #popclue. All of the tweets will have that tag.

Or you can follow all 10 characters which you can find at these links:











Another way to keep track of the story is to follow the list featuring all of these characters: http://twitter.com/AustinLugar/twitter-murder-mystery-2

This will be an entertaining experiment in telling a story with a new platform. There will be plenty of jokes and clues through the duration. The more people follow along the more fun it will be. So if you think this sounds good, please tell your friends to follow.

I’m fascinated to see how this will work.  Problem is, it’s entirely the wrong hour for me to be online, tweeting, or indeed, awake.   So I may well have to just follow either the hashtag or the list, then peruse it all later when I have time.  I kinda hate to miss out on all the fun, but it does seem that sleep is necessary for me to function.

I wonder what editors and publishers will think of this story format?  Or other authors?  Or for that matter, readers…

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2 Responses to “A Twitter Murder”

  1. Roberta Says:

    So how was it? Did you follow up?

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