March has been a bad month for blogging.  And I really don’t know why.  I’ve been busy.  Lots of things happening, swaps and SnB and family and friends and knitting.  But I’ve been so busy, especially at work, that I just haven’t been blogging.  And I feel it.

The inspiration just hasn’t come.  I feel like I have nothing pithy to say.  Or if I do I don’t get around to putting pithy into words.  (Now that I’ve totally mangled the language I feel so much better…)

I need to take myself in hand and get back into the groove.  Even if it’s a few sentences, or a photo.  Because I miss the daily – or almost daily – exercise of writing.  Along with my daily dose of knitting, and reading, I need the writing.   My basic vitamins for emotional health!

So onward.  Must do better.





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