Let Them Talk

Actor (and musician) Hugh Laurie has a debut album coming out in May!  Called “Let Them Talk,”  it features Laurie on piano and vocals playing his favourite music, New Orleans blues.

He explains it all on the album website:

I was not born in Alabama in the 1890s. You may as well know this now. I’ve never eaten grits, cropped a share, or ridden a boxcar. No gypsy woman said anything to my mother when I was born and there’s no hellhound on my trail, as far as I can judge. Let this record show that I am a white, middle-class Englishman, openly trespassing on the music and myth of the American south.

If that weren’t bad enough, I’m also an actor: one of those pampered ninnies who hasn’t bought a loaf of bread in a decade and can’t find his way through an airport without a babysitter. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that I’ve got some Chinese characters tattooed on my arse. Or elbow. Same thing.

Worst of all, I’ve broken a cardinal rule of art, music, and career paths: actors are supposed to act, and musicians are supposed to music. That’s how it works. You don’t buy fish from a dentist, or ask a plumber for financial advice, so why listen to an actor’s music?

The answer is – there is no answer. If you care about provenance and genealogy, then you should try elsewhere, because I have nothing in your size.

He goes on to tell the story of how he began his musical career at the age of 5, and other relevant details that led him to finally producing an album.

You can pre-0rder it now, just the CD, or a limited edition version that includes a book and 3 bonus tracks.  A great gift for music lovers and/or House fans!  I shall drop some broad hints at home about possible gifts for Pesach…

The friend’s grandbaby for whom I knit the teddy bear blanket and the washcloths was born last night!   So hopefully we will travel to Tel Aviv very soon to present the wee babe (and her parents, of course) with her presents.    A happy occasion.

The scarves for the nieces are progressing nicely, I’m alternating knitting them, so they’re about at the same place, which is about 2/3 done.  I occasionally even manage a few rows of the criss cross scarf for me too.

The beast was being photogenic the other evening, and agreed to pose.

Good kitteh.


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One Response to “Let Them Talk”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Thanks a lot for this post!

    You know how much I love House 🙂

    The rest is history…

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