Bundles and Burrows and Bricks

The Bundle:

My swap package from Irene in Michigan has arrived!  The theme she chose for me was “Tea Party”.

There are nine very different kinds of tea there, from flavoured black to flowering teas, plus a new package of tea filters (which I use a lot for loose teas).  As well as the teas, there’s a package of Jelly Belly jellybeans to munch, some lovely body cream, a keychain sock blocker with a pattern for a teeny sock, some beautiful Michigan landmark bookmarks (for my bookmark collection!), a postcard from Michigan, and two skeins of the loveliest KP Gloss yarn in fingering weight, enough for a new shawl.  I do love the Gloss – Merino and silk.  This is the “dusk” colour.

And just to make me drool, a new KnitPicks catalogue so I know just what to ask friends to send (since KP does not ship here).   Besides the yarn – which is great – I have my eye on blocking wires, a ball winder, a swift…  although it will all have to wait a bit.

The Burrows:

OK, Harry Potter fans.  Something y’all may like.  The Burrow’s Studio Store has a poster series of HP Condensed Visual Plots, one for each book.  Here’s the first, for example:


They also have a comic about the adventures of The Burrow Studio at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, called “Here at Hogwarts”.  I can’t tell you what that’s like, since I haven’t read it.   (And if you’re interested, there’s Star Wars and Buffy stuff too.)   Brilliant.

The Brick:

I guess regular bricks don’t make nice doorstops.  Not pretty enough.  And LEGO blocks aren’t nearly heavy enough.  So Instructables user lizzyastro knitted a LEGO cover for a brick, using bottle caps to form the knobs.  (Follow the link for the pattern.)

I really really like how she thinks.     😉

Let’s see…what else can I add with a B?     Oh.     Bai for now.     😀


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One Response to “Bundles and Burrows and Bricks”

  1. Pattiisknittinginflashes Says:

    That Lego brick has got to be one of tthe coolest things I’ve seen in a long time! Thanks for the link. A friend gave me some bright colors of acrylic yarn that I didn’t have a use for so now I’ll be making some bright colorful door stops!

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