For today’s lesson…History? Geography?

Colin Gregory Palmer Grey – better known as C.G.P. Grey – is an American time management coach & public speaker living in London.   He writes a blog in which he investigates all sorts of historical and geographical and national and other data, such as how many Americans have a passport, per capita by state, and the occasional weird creatures he encounters. 

I first found the blog through a tweet by Stephen Fry, who posted a link to this fascinating lesson on the differences between England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom.    An absolute must see!

All clear now?  Ready for the test?  If you need a cheat sheet, Grey sells this diagram as a poster on the blog.

He’s now working on a similar history of the US.   The partial diagram he has already done is worth checking out.

This should be interesting…

3 Responses to “For today’s lesson…History? Geography?”

  1. nicole Says:

    What an amazing blog, thanks for turning me on to this. It’s totally right up my alley and I’m already subscribed and awaiting new posts! And as always, I love when a new entry from your blog pops up in my email account!

  2. Esther Says:

    I’m pretty good at British geography but I didn’t realise that the Channel Isles weren’t part of the UK and that the Republic of Ireland is considered part of the British Isles.

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