Of beeks and boors…I mean books and beers

It’s March!  Already!  So fast…

My reading challenge is going well.  So far this year,  I read 10 books in January, and 6 books in February, and a new month is upon us.  Bit of  a difference….  But then, February was a short month, of course, and I was home sick for a week in January.  Let’s see how March goes!

Today is National Beer Day in Iceland.  It celebrates the end, in 1989, of a 75-year long beer prohibition.  If you wish to honour this day, try and find some Icelandic beer:  Icelandic beers include Viking Gylltur, a strong lager with a bitter taste, Viking Dimmur, Sterkur, Thule and Ice Bjor.    Take your pick!

And then tomorrow, on March 2nd, you can celebrate National Hangover Day.  Free aspirin.  (Just kidding.  No such day.   Although apparently it has been suggested.  And rejected.)

If you don’t want to drink beer today, you can still cook with it.  There is a website called beercook.com that advocates having beer in some form at every meal, with lots of recipes.  Seems like a bit of overkill to me, but never mind.

I did find a recipe that intrigued me, a Basic Beer-Can Chicken Recipe, also called “Beer Butt Chicken.”   You can see why…

It may be very tasty, but I really don’t think I would serve it like this.  It just doesn’t whet my appetite a whit.   Just the opposite, in  fact.   Perhaps it’s better to cut it up on a platter?



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