One down…

Well, after yesterday’s post, I decided that enough’s enough, and floored the gas pedal on the knitting mojo to finish at least one of the projects.  I chose kidlet’s hat, since that was the easiest to get done quickly.

Kidlet and I are both Harry Potter fans.  (I think me more than her, but it’s close…)  The last two movies have had oodles of great knitted objects in them, hats and scarves and sweaters galore.  In Deathly Hallows it was downright distracting.  But I digress.

In the Half-Blood Prince, Hermione is wearing a lovely gray hat with cables and some eyelet lace.  Jackie in her blog JL Yarnworks decided to give the pattern a try, and I think her interpretation is fantastic.

Here’s a promo still of actress Emma Watson wearing the hat in the film:

And here’s the hat I knitted for kidlet using Jackie’s pattern:

Pretty spot on.

After publishing the pattern, she watched the movie again and realised that the crown of the hat is sewn, in more of a square shape, and added alternate instructions accordingly.  I liked the decreasing crown, however, and so did kidlet, so I stayed with that.

The pattern advises 3 repeats of the cable/eyelet pattern for a child’s hat, and 4 repeats for an adult.   Three repeats were indeed too small, but as I started the 4th,  I realised that it would be way too big, so I just added 5 of the knit/purl rows and began decreasing, and it’s fine.

The pattern calls for the alternate/rib cable cast on.  I like the cable cast on, much better than the knitted cast on…but the rib alternate took me forever!!!  Possible the longest time I’ve ever spent on casting on for a project.  It does make a nice, clean, stretchy rib, but Merlin’s Drawers, it takes a lot of time.  If I make this again, I may use tillybuddy’s stretchy rib cast on instead.

So…  one down, and still way too many to go.  (I do have enough yarn left over to make her a matching set of mittens….no!  Stop that!)  Next up – a gift that’s almost halfway done now.  I want to finish it within a week.  Pedal to the mojo metal.  Carpal Tunnel be damned.

(I finally got a notice of a package – I hope it’s the wayward yarn…)


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