I am not one to really follow fashion.   Either I get furious with seeing the limiting clothing that can restrict movement, destroy health (I refuse to wear high heels, for example), or just cause incredible discomfort, or I get just as angry at the industry for making the “ideal” of beauty something that makes hundreds of young girls develop eating disorders, or else I’m just plain puzzled as to what on earth makes people want to wear these outlandish getups.

Not really knowing what is happening in the fashion world, I did some surfing to check out some recent fashion trends.

This pajama-look actually looks comfortable, but it also looks like she just didn’t bother getting dressed.

Except for the shoes, that is.  I’ve done the opposite – got dressed and ran out and was already outside when I noticed I was still wearing my slippers.   But that was by accident.  This pajama look is intentional.   (And probably costs 4-10 times as much as a regular pair of pajamas, too.)

This one did get her pajamas off:

She just forgot to get something else on instead.

You can’t tell me this is comfortable.  I can’t even tell what it is.

Do you think it molts?

And this?

Now honestly, where would you wear this?  And how would you get there?   I don’t think that thing would fit into any car I know of.    Wearing it to a concert or movie would make an awful lot of people sitting behind you angry.    So where?  A parent-teacher conference?  The grocery store?  Hm, it might be handy at an amusement park, the kids couldn’t lose you.   Although they may desperately want to.  I embarrass kidlet enough in public, just by knitting.   (And hey, is that knitted???  The little see-through over-thingy?  What a waste of yarn, if it is.)

Now, these boots from Japan are different.  And those are evidently real horseshoes.  But omg, do they look uncomfortable!  I don’t even want to think what they would do to my back.

(On the other hand, I could have a whole lotta fun making “footprints” in interesting places…)

Then last month there was Milan Fashion Week, which was pointed out to me by my friend Marina.   And one of the features was Frankie Morello’s “Unfinished Knitting”…or, as they said, “La sciarpa non finita” di Frankie Morello.

Suddenly all the pressure is off!  If I don’t finish a gift for someone in time, I don’t have to apologize, or give them something else, or ask them to wait.  I can just give them the gift still on the needles, and it’s high fashion!!!

WIP = Finished Object?   Think I could get away with it?

Of course, it means having to buy more needles all the time.  And I would sure as hell be nervous wearing that scarf, so I don’t get poked in a sensitive place.  Or even an insensitive place.  I doubt anyone would sit next to me on the bus.  Or anywhere else.

Actually, it looks finished/long enough to me.  Why not just bind off and save the needles?

This one is much scarier, especially on the poke potential meter:

I doubt he’ll be smooching anyone wearing that hat.


I think I’m going back to ignoring the fashion world.  And finishing my knitting projects.    Bah.



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3 Responses to “Fashion???”

  1. Marina Says:

    Oh, I love the pajama look! I can wear it to my sister’s wedding and say that it’s the latest and greatest Canadian fashion! Maybe wear bunny slippers though – going barefoot in March might be too cold…

  2. Sara Says:

    That is some of the most bizarre stuff I’ve ever seen…although the pajama look isn’t so bad. I really wish that would take off. I could finally be fashionable!

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