Little gifts and big wails

Kidlet has just finished a unit at school on working with leather.  We went out to her school to visit yesterday and she surprised me with a gift – this purse she made.

She continues to excel at all kinds of crafts…but still doesn’t knit, although she knows how.  I suppose that’s understandable.  She wants to shine in her own way.  And she does.

(Check out the paw prints on the back of the purse…love it.)

A friend at work gave me a new mug – she doesn’t drink that much tea and she thought I would like this.

Complete with a little slot to hold the tea bag string.  When I use tea bags.

Little gifts, for no special reason.  🙂

Saturday news brought a wail of “Noooooooooo!”  from me.  Not long ago…last month, in fact…I mentioned how much I love IKEA.  Well, I bought all my new yarn storage boxes just in time…our IKEA store  has burned to the ground.  Saturday morning, a fire started on the roof of the building, and destroyed the entire place.  Nothing left.  The damage is estimated at over 100 million dollars.

Luckily, it happened on Shabbat, which meant that there were no people working or shopping there, and therefore no one was injured.  The government has established a committee to determine how to support the 400-or-so employees until the company rebuilds – they say within a year.

At least there’s another branch in the country – farther away, but available.  I have a feeling that their business is going to skyrocket.    (I wonder why the IKEA in Israel doesn’t take online orders – I understand they do in other countries.  That would make life easier.  And the bank account emptier.  Hm.  Just as well.)

What do you like better – shopping online, in the  comfort of your home, no crowds or lines, or wandering around a store, using all your senses, not just sight, to inspect the goods, compare them, make your decisions?  When do you do more impulse buying (if you do…like me)?

To find the best deals, I usually shop online. You can find great bargains online that you wouldn’t find in stores.  But when I need something quick, I run to the stores. I also window shop a lot, and when I find something that I really like I usually go online to see if I can find a better deal.

Unless it’s something I can’t get here.  Then online shopping is a blessing.

Which do you prefer?


4 Responses to “Little gifts and big wails”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Oh, I definitely prefer on-line shopping, but probably not for furniture. I don’t shop on-line for bargains but for convenience. I’m a homebody and I hate crowds. is my best friend.

    I’m sad about that Ikea. Practically my entire apartment is furnished from that store. I didn’t realize Israel had a second Ikea – I’d heard rumors they were building one closer to Jerusalem/Tel Aviv but I didn’t know it was finished. Where is it?

    • eclecticitee Says:

      It’s in Rishon. Supposedly they’re also planning to build one near Kiryat Ata, but that may get pushed back now.

  2. Lani Ravin Says:

    On line shopping, huh… Yes, it’s wonderful in Israel. I am trying to buy some books from Israel. I’ve called stores, the publisher, the supplier, the distributor… NOBODY is willing to pick up their lazy feet and go to the post office and (gasp) MAIL books all the way across the ocean to Vermont. You’d think I was asking them to bring it to me on foot. I ask why, and they say they don’t want to bother. “We just don’t DO that sort of thing.”

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