Sipping and Stitching, Stitching and Sipping

Kidlet received her stocking cap for her birthday and was properly excited.  She did feel that the pompom was too big, so I gave it a haircut…

I think it still needs a bit more of a trim, she was rushing me so she could wear it out.    Later.

The Wedge scarf was dubbed “The Wedgie” by my Stitch-n-Bitch group.  As I finished the first ball of yarn, I realised that the scarf was going to be incredibly long.  So before I started on the second ball of yarn I used some of it to whip up some matching fingerless mitts just in time to keep my hands warm as a cold spell hit. 

I suppose I could have figured out some way to use the Wedge pattern for the mitts, but I went with simplicity, a spiral rib pattern from Canadian Living magazine.  I’m now back to the scarf with the rest of the yarn.

I could not resist the BMFA Marine Silk any longer, and cast on for the Criss Cross scarf.  Oh me, oh my, what wonderful yarn to work with!!  Soooo soft, the silk just glides through my fingers.  It’s also fun that I am using straight needles, I have been using circulars for so long, I don’t think I’ve used straights in years.  But…I received these Addi bamboos in a swap, and they’re short as well, so I chose them for this project.  So light.  I still have to remember not to drop the second needle when I finish a row, I forget that it’s not connected, and I’m getting a little tired of chasing the needle around the floor when I do it. 

The European Travelling Tea Box has arrived, filled to the brim with goodies, as usual.  These are all the non-tea treats:

Tea accessories, chocolates, note paper, pins, and more…and of course, yarn.  That red Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 most undoubtedly has my name on it, it will be welcomed joyfully into my stash.   Some of the Kool Aid will stay with me as well. 

Then the teas!

I will have to take more time to go through them and choose what I want to sample.  I do have my eye on some of the flowering teas, and certainly the Teavana Rooibos Blueberry Bliss.  There are some I’ve never heard of as well.  The S&B group has threatened me with bodily harm if I don’t share this time, so it looks like a tea party is in the cards, and we’ll all fill the box back up together. 

Have a nice cuppa while you knit, and Shabbat Shalom!

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