Knitting for the beast

I am constantly seeing pictures online of things people have knitted for animals.  At least once a week another picture pops up somewhere.  Sometimes I share them here, like the little owl a couple of weeks ago.

Most defy rational explanation.

Many of the pictures already have captions added by those posting them, as this one from icanhascheezburger:


Some are just put out there for us to respond to.

This one left me speechless….     Nice knitting job, though.  Through a little digging I understand that this is a photo from a high-end fashion show.  Perhaps the sweater matches the “owner”’s outfit.  I have a really hard time with this.  I refuse to see animals as “accessories”.   But that’s a whole nother rant…

Occasionally there is reason behind the knitting.  Like this story.

This picture on the Daily Squee website was accompanied by the explanation of the submitter:

“These two chickens survived a vicious fox attack last December, and my grandmother knitted two little jumpers for them to wear, as many of their feathers were pulled out in the attack. Now they are warm this winter on the farm <3″


One of my first amused reactions was wow, that’s a pattern that’s probably not even on Ravelry.

Of course, I then had to go and check.

Surprise, surprise.  In the Rav database, there are almost 800 patterns for dogs, at least 50 for cats, and some 20 patterns for clothes and hats for ferrets, rabbits, horses, rats, guinea pigs, parrots, geese, goats, and yes, 4 patterns for chickens!  (The hat for the goat was to protect a head wound, and even the designer wrote that it was probably the silliest pattern she ever designed…)  One of the chicken patterns was for baby chicks, but 3 were for grown chickens.  Most of the pet patterns are for sweaters, then come hats, but there are also leg warmers, paw protectors, scarves,  costumes.  (Do you want to dress your dog or cat as a bear, a bumblebee, a pig, a dinosaur, a reindeer, and more???)  I didn’t count the patterns for pet toys.

I object to many of these.  If the item has a practical use, fine and good.  Warmth, protection, bedding – fine.  But dressing up animals for decoration just bothers the heck out of me.  Even if it’s an excuse to knit something cool.  It’s a case of respect, don’t you think?




5 Responses to “Knitting for the beast”

  1. Wasanifu Says:

    Not to mention dangerous too! I *love* the idea of the hamster huts in your last picture, but hamsters love to chew and an expensive vets visit from impacted cheek pouches or even death from having that yarn hanging around in the stomach causing a blockage just doesn’t bear thinking about.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Agreed – I would never have knit anything for our hamsters, or our rabbits – they would have chewed it to bits. But I adore the picture! It’s my favourite Ravatar…

  2. Sara Says:

    I agree with you, animals are not accessories. I want to say that there is an organization for knitting sweaters for chickens.

    I never knit for my cats because of what Wasanifu says.

  3. Roberta Says:

    I agree with you completely.

    Animals do not exist to make us look prettier, or more interesting.
    Unfortunately they cannot complain when they are “dressed up”.

    If people feel the need to dress up someone, then let them do that to themselves.

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