Chocolate. :)

Received my chocolate swap package from Jennie in New Zealand!!!   Finally.  I think it went from New Zealand to Israel via Greenland and Argentina, from the time it took, but it was worth it!

Some bright Circus yarn, which methinks is headed for a hat pattern, beautiful star stitchmarkers, a great set of  buttons, a froggie notebook and a handmade card she made with her daughter, and a whole box of NZ Breakfast Tea that I can’t wait to try!

Oh, um, yeah, chocolate too!   Cadbury crunchies and Whittaker’s bars and an interesting package of something called Pineapple Lumps….  Lovely lovely treats!

The swapaholic has been appeased.  😉 

(I should be wearing my shirt that says “Gimme some chocolate and nobody gets hurt…”)

Shabbat Shalom.


2 Responses to “Chocolate. :)”

  1. Esther Says:

    Hehe a post about chocolate right after a post about the dentist?

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Of course, the perfect juxtaposition!

      After the dentist, one needs either retail therapy or chocolate.

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