I got off easy this time…

Had my teeth cleaned about a week and a half ago.  I do it twice a year, and it’s never a pleasant experience.  Didn’t have my regular dental hygienist this time, but she seemed competent.  (This is absolutely the last time I’m doing the flouride treatment, it made me nauseous, which has never happened before.)

The following day, I had a slight pain on one side when I bit down, I assumed the hygienist had poked something and it was still sore, and didn’t pay much attention.  I felt it on and off, just used the other side more to chew with.

Then day before yesterday I had myself some corn flakes in the evening, and bit down on something hard.  I spit it out, fished it out of the bowl and wondered what on earth had gotten into the cornflakes.  Took me a few minutes to realise that it wasn’t from the cornflakes.  The front half of one of my molars had broken off and just fell out.  From chewing soggy corn flakes?!?!?!  I thought, well, that bites…and then decided that it was definitely the wrong metaphor to use…

Called my dentist’s office, and they said to come in first thing in the morning.  I really couldn’t, had some urgent work that had to be dealt with, so asked if I could come after work.  Nope, my dentist finishes and leaves before I get off work.   So yesterday I worked like a tazmanian devil  all morning and left work after lunch – being careful not to get food on the side with the  half-tooth –  and headed for the clinic.  Visions of extensive and expensive treatment played in my head non-stop.

(Ever notice that when there’s something wrong with your teeth you can’t stop probing at it with your tongue??  Drove me nuts all day…)

I only had to wait a short bit to get in to see the dentist – only managed a few rows of knitting before they called me in.  After checking and taking an XRay, my dentist said that he could probably fix it with a filling… or “dental restoration”.  He said that it should work, but there was a chance that it wouldn’t and I would need root canal work in the future.  In any case, he rebuilt the missing half of the tooth.  I obediently followed directions and opened wide, bit down, turned my head, etc. etc.   Then finally he decided to be a comedian and told me to rinse out my mouth.  Right, when I couldn’t feel my gums, lips or tongue, and none of those crucial bits were paying the slightest attention to my brain’s commands.  Honestly, I think dentists do that just to watch us fill our mouths with water and then proceed to dribble it all over ourselves.  I guess they need to get some laughs somewhere…  Very embarrassing.

I’m really hoping the filling works and I won’t need any more fussing with the tooth, and I won’t see my dentist again until my annual visit.  Not that he’s not a good guy, but it’s not my favourite place to be.

But then, I don’t know anyone who actually likes going to the dentist.  Do you?  And does this create self-esteem issues for people in the profession?


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2 Responses to “I got off easy this time…”

  1. Knittingdancer on Ravelry Says:

    I hate going to the dentist, too. I only let 1 girl clean my teeth at my dentist’s office. I will not take an appointment with anyone else. When I go to my periodontist twice a year as a precaution. He can not keep hygensists for some reason, I can’t find one I Like there. His wife’s sister used to work for him before she moved and I like the way she cleaned my teeth. I would only let her clean my teeth while she worked there. I know this sound picky but my teeth and mouth are important to me. I feel for you.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      It’s funny, my mother was terrified of going to the dentist, and as a result never took me. I had to see a dentist when I started school at 5, and then I didn’t go again until I was 24, and on my own for years. Luckily I found a good dentist then on the first try, and so I wasn’t traumatised. Since I moved, I go to the local clinic, and the dentist I have is fine. It’s just not pleasant to go.

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