The stocking  cap is done, in plenty of time for kidlet’s birthday.  The only bit left is the pompom, which I will do tonight.

I finally got the right settings on the camera to get the colours right.  I think taking the picture with a white background also helped, for some reason…   I’m still fiddling with the camera to get a decent picture of the latest project to be cast on, a Wedge scarf.  Since I’m knitting it in a variegated yarn, the pattern simply is not showing in a photo, although it’s quite clearly seen by the naked eye.  The scarf is for partner’s niece, who asked for one at the last family get-together.   I have no idea if she’ll like it, but if she doesn’t I won’t mind at all, since I really like it in any case.  I may knit up a couple of different scarves and let her take her pick.  (That way partner’s niece-in-law can also choose one for herself if she feels neglected…)

I may need to change my reading challenge goals.  I was going for one book a week, but we’re just starting the fourth week of the year and I’m halfway through my ninth book.  Well, this gives me breathing room if I don’t have much time to read at some point.

I was riding the bus the other day through town on various and sundry errands, and was utterly  enchanted by a woman I saw walking along the sidewalk as the bus went by.  She was pretty tall, I would say in her seventies, white streaks through dark auburn hair slicked back and held in a clip, fashionable casual clothes…and she had both hands thrust in her trouser pockets, head up and walking proudly.  Her companion was about her age, ambling along in an easy-going way a few strides behind her.  I don’t know, she was walking with such attitude that I grinned – it totally made my day.

Makes me wonder what people see when I’m walking down the sidewalk.   If they notice at all.  How do you think that strangers perceive you?


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