Knitting and a quiz and an owl…

Well, the buttons are on the CPH and kidlet is pleased…

The stocking cap is getting longer and thinner and the stripes are getting narrower…

I have changed my mind about the Marine Silk from Steven.  Instead of the lovely cowl – which will be queued for another yarn – I’m planning to make the Criss Cross Scarf by Julie Gardner – very unusual and worthy of the yarn.

I was amused when fellow knitter and Yarn-&-Falafel member Orna posted this quiz on fb.  I’m pleased to say that I got four immediately.  I’m embarrassed to say that I was temporarily stumped by two…but I did figure them out eventually.  How well can you do?

Quick Knitter’s Quiz

How well do you know your yarn? Can you identify the yarn brands based only on the following clues?
1. MT
2. LL
3. Mmmm
4. DC
6. WM

OK.  This next picture I encountered while browsing is cute.  I laughed.  But… why?  Why would one knit this?  Am I missing something???

What a hoot.   Ouch.  Sorry.


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