From livid to happy

My yarn from Steven has arrived! 

According to the usps tracking website, they “attempted delivery” earlier this week.  Steven wrote and asked if that meant that I got the yarn or not.  I phoned the post office info number here, and they told me it had been delivered to my local branch.  I waited a couple of days and didn’t receive any notice, so I went in to investigate and light a fire under their butts.  They said there was no package for me, I asked them to check.  They did, no luck.  I asked sweetly for them to please try again.  And lo and behold, there was my little parcel on the shelf. 

A gorgeous skein of Blue Moon Fibers Marine Silk in sport weight!   It’s a beautiful shiny shade of blue (“In the Navy”  😉 )  I haven’t yet decided what I’ll knit with it, right now I’m leaning toward the Dew Drop Cowl by Kelly Kingston.  But I’ll need to move a few things off the needles first.  Any other suggestions?  (And thanks so so much, Steven, you sweet thing…)

Poor Persephone has weathered the storm and is no longer being tinked.  She is growing once again.  The stocking cap is what I’m working on the most, but since kidlet is home this weekend it’s hiding away in the knitting bag so she doesn’t see it before her birthday.  She brought her Central Park Hoodie home and has changed her mind about the buttons, now she wants some.  Luckily she gave me a heads up, so I bought some toggle buttons and will add loops instead of buttonholes. 

I figure three buttons and a spare is enough.   Although one never knows with teens…

I’m continuing to enjoy Rhymes With Orange comics.  A few gems from recent weeks:

Have a great weekend!


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