In which I continue to tink Persephone…

It’s 11.1.11 !!    Or if you’re in the States, it’s 1.11.11 !

No idea if there’s any significance to that, but never mind.  It’s just a whole lotta ones.

Had fun last night at SnB.  We filled up two tables.  Our youngest member was interested mainly in gnawing things with her incoming teeth, luckily she found something other than yarn or needles…

I was mainly still tinking Persephone.  (Now there’s a sentence I never would have thought I’d use…)  In the end I re-did the chart farther back than I planned to before, so she’s still being tinked….

On the other hand, the stocking cap is sailing along…it needs to be ready for kidlet’s birthday in a few weeks, so no worries.  (Let’s hope those are not famous last words…)

Tillybuddy’s special cast on looks great, and the cast on is just as stretchy as the rest of the ribbing.

I’m still waiting for my chocolate swap package, but Jennie in New Zealand has received hers from me!  She loves all the chocolate goodies I sent, and for a hoot I knitted up a personal chocolate bar just for her!

The pattern is the Chocolate Bar and Wrapper from Craftbits.  I changed the pattern from knitting flat to knitting in the round to avoid seams, using a toe-up sock cast on for both the chocolate and the wrapper.   I also stuffed it lightly, to give it some firmness.  One of my more whimsical knits.  🙂

And I’m next on the list for two Traveling Tea Boxes, one coming from the UK and one from the US.  So there should be yummy hot things to drink very soon in the (finally!!!) cold weather.  Well, as soon as the post office can handle, I guess.

There’s a new page on the blog, I’ve taken a reading challenge for 2011 – 52 books.  I think between knitting projects I can handle at least a book a week.  Check out my progress on the page, can you match me?  Or beat me?  What are you reading?

Meanwhile we enjoy very dramatic skies.

I love clouds.  (Do you search for cloud pictures like I do?  What do you see?)


4 Responses to “In which I continue to tink Persephone…”

  1. Laura Bartlett Says:

    My best friend and I do a book challenge every year. In 2010 she had 52 under her belt, while I beat her with a total of 76. My goal this year is 100, and I’ll bet my bottom dollar I’ll get there since I’ve already finished three thus far, and will be finishing the 4th tomorrow if not tonight. Good luck with your 52!

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Thanks! I’ve finished four already, but mainly because I just couldn’t put the Larsson books down. Now back with my cozies, I’ll take it at a less crazy pace! On to the fifth…

  2. Roberta Says:

    Chana dear – can you please send me the pics from the S&B with Tama?

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