Storage and setbacks and stocking caps

I love IKEA.  Partner and I went this week.  I needed some new storage ideas and a few other things, she needed a few bits and bobs, and we needed some Swedish food.  And now my yarn is much more organized, and there are no more shopping bags with plastic bags of yarn piled up and around.

Of course the cat had to inspect.

I also needed a small side table for the living room, apart from the coffee table by the couch.  So I grabbed a table that can also be storage – the top comes off and can be used for a tray…  Perfect for the current non-traveling WIP – I can get at the knitting easily, but the cat can’t…and it’s right at hand without being in the middle of everything.

Partner doesn’t think it’s beautiful.  OK, perhaps it isn’t, but it’s certainly useful.  I can always drop a round tablecloth over it.  Or better yet, knit one. 

I’m not blogging as much as I’d like.  There’s a problem with the electricity – perhaps the wiring.  Part of the flat has electricity, part doesn’t, and it doesn’t seem to be a problem with the fuses.  The landlady is dealing with an electrician.  The lucky part is that the kitchen does have power, so I have the fridge, oven, etc.  The not so lucky part is that the room with the computer hook up doesn’t have power.  It’s truly a pain in the butt, and I hope it is all solved soon.   Meanwhile, I’ve been catching up with my reading.  For Chanuka partner gave me the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson.  I thought it was hilarious that booksellers are calling them “The Girl Who Pays My Salary” books.  Finished all three this week.  Partner is reading them in the original Swedish, but she’s only halfway through the second book.  But then, she worked this week and I had the week off, which gave me the unfair advantage.  And they are very hard books to put down.  One can only imagine what Larsson would have come up with if he hadn’t had a fatal heart attack while writing the fourth, apparently he was planning a series of ten books.

Knitting.  It wasn’t enough that I had to rip back 18 rows on the Persephone shawl to redo the head and arms, the Perseverance shawl also had some retreating to do.  I was a bit concerned that there wasn’t enough yarn for the final round of repeats, so I cut each pattern short – fewer repeats of each – to make the border fit.  I thought I caculated the amount of yarn I had left well enough, but I was off.  I ran out of yarn on the last third of the cast off.  Grrrr.   I now have to rip back to the first pattern of the round and end it two rows sooner.  Frustrating.

In the meantime, I’ve started the striped stocking cap that kidlet has asked for.  Using Mondial Relax yarn, a light fingering-weight Merino blend, that unfortunately is quite splitty, but otherwise nice to work with.  I wanted a stretchy rib border, so looked around for a cast on that would be nice and stretchy as well.  And I discovered a new cast on, one I’ve never tried!  It’s by Tillybuddy, here’s the demonstration.  (The actual instructions for the cast on are at 3:20…)

I found it quite easy to do.  And it’s quick, since you’re casting on two stitches at a time.  Don’t know yet how it’s going to look on the hat, since I’m only a couple of rows into the rib, but I hope it looks good and will suit the hat.  Updates will follow!

Now that the yarn is organized, I really have to do something about the needles….    Hm.  Any brilliant ideas??


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