Stitches in Review

Well, it’s the 30th of December, time to look at what I’ve done with my knitting in 2010.  I was hoping to add at least one more FO, but had to change that plan, more details below.  So unless I cast on for something new in the next day, here are the stats:

  • Projects begun in 2010:     30
  • Finished projects that were begun in 2010:     26
  • Finished projects that were begun before 2010:     2
  • Total finished projects in 2010:     28
  • Frogged in 2010:    1
  • Hibernating projects:     2
  • WIPs from 2010:     3
  • WIPs from before 2010:   6

So this year I cast on for 30 projects and bound off 28.    9  WIPs not counting 2 in hibernation.    I calls that respectable, I do.

The Rainbow Perseverance is almost finished.  A couple more rows and I’ll start the border rows.  The Persephone is coming along, but after I finished the head and arms, I decided that they were too crooked, especially the tops of the arms/hands, the count just wasn’t right.  So I  charted and rewrote the rows, and ripped back to the shoulders.  So that’s taking a little longer than anticipated.  I plan to add a few rows at the top as well, in order to use all the yarn.  Maybe add a couple of sun rays with the lighter golden yarn.  Or not.

I received my package in the Yarn-and-Falafel swap from CrazyVet in Givataim.  We discovered in this swap that we had a lot in common, so it was lots of fun both making and receiving a package.

That’s superwash merino that she dyed for me herself, I’m looking for a good pattern, but nothing has yet called out to me.

Also stitchmarkers she made.

Lots of teas (Yay!), both bagged and loose, and some darkdesignerdrooly chocolate!  Can’t wait to see if she likes what I sent her!

In the chocolate swap, still waiting for my package to arrive from New Zealand, and my swap partner hasn’t yet received what I sent her.  Had lots of fun knitting a surprise for her, pictures will be posted after she receives it.

Stitches in review, 2010.   28 projects completed.     At least one of them made a good pillow…

Get off the knitting, cat.


4 Responses to “Stitches in Review”

  1. Courtney in Crete Says:

    Your yarn from CrazyVet is beautiful! Lovely color choices.

    I just counted, and I did 18 projects (19 if you count the iPod case that I whipped up for Matt on Christmas eve). Sounds impressive, but 11 of those were hats – and only five patterns! (I like repetition.) Oh, wait – I knit Maizie three hats that I didn’t bother to put on Rav (no pattern, just basic newborn hat). This was the year of hats and Peapod baby cardigans for me, I guess.

    One UFO: a sweater I started for Graham in Feb that just needs to be sewn together. 😦 And also a pair of socks I just started for Matt the other day, and already need to be ripped out because they are HUGE. I’m amazed by your projects – especially since you do such big and fancy ones!

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Hey, I didn’t do just sweaters and shawls, I also did hats and washcloths….although I counted a set of 8 washcloths as one project.

  2. Courtney in Crete Says:

    Oh, wait – I also knit my mom a big stack of dish cloths this year. Hey, if I count all my tiny tiny projects, I almost have as many as you!

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