“#^@* You” Arrived in the Mail!

That is, the first shipment of the Smart-Ass Knitters World Domination Club arrived.

The yarn is  100% long-staple cashmere, DK weight.  The colour name – #^@& You – is “for every single one of you who’s ever wanted to run outside in the middle of the day (or night…we’re not picky) and scream it at the top of your lungs!”    It is OMG gorgeous, buttery soft, decadent – I don’t know if I can even knit with it, it just demands to be patted and stroked.   Oh, but knit with it I will.  We also received an original pattern (with the same name) by Sarah for some wonderful-looking fingerless mitts.  (There is also reportedly a subliminal message in the mitts…methinks it has something to do about emphasizing a  particular finger…)  I fully intend to knit these mitts with this yarn.

I brought the yarn to work today to show a couple of other knitters – but couldn’t contain my enthusiasm and started showing it to several of the fellows who know nothing about fiber, or crafts – at first they looked at me pretty oddly but once they touched the yarn were stunned, lots of wows and stroking, putting it to their faces, etc.    Just goes to show how special this stuff is.

Also included in the package was a lovely pottery bowl by Susanne.   Each club member  received a different bowl etched with a four-letter word (or a paw print).  Mine was PG rated, as opposed to many of the other bowls, but at least it’s a fiber-related word!!!


Way back in spring, in another time and another yarn club, I received a package based on the goddess Persephone.  Bamboo and cotton yarn in the Persephone colourway, Persephone tea from Goddess Teas.  The yarn was dyed in 4 batches, going gradually from darker browns and purples to lighter purples and golds…or maybe it was lighter to darker.  Whatever.

I have been aching to do something with this yarn for quite a while, and after I finished the Central Park Hoodie took the plunge and cast on for the Gorgeous Goddess Shawl by Dawn L.E. Riden.  From her website:

Based on the Nile River Goddess, whose waters would bring the crops to the dry Egyptian land, this shawl depicts the voluptuous figure of a woman with raised arms in a circle of continuing life.

The perfect match of yarn and pattern!  The drape of the bamboo is beautiful, while the cotton keeps it from being too stretchy.  (I made the mistake once of knitting a vest out of 100% bamboo.  It’s still beautiful, the pattern and the colour are fantastic…but the vest now reaches just past my knees…)

The shawl is knitted from the bottom point.  I began with the darker yarn of the earth, so that gradually her arms and head will be reaching towards the golden light.   So far I’ve almost finished her legs and hips, then I start the waist.

I’m still persevering with the Perseverance shawlette, of course.  It is the ultimate on-the-go pattern.  The ball of yarn is shrinking rapidly.  I took a break to knit a couple of swap gifts, they are now winging their way in totally different directions, more about them after they are received…

And meanwhile, the cold and rain have disappeared, and it is once again dry and warm.   



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3 Responses to ““#^@* You” Arrived in the Mail!”

  1. Roberta Says:

    I found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and mine has a different name: #^@E (epsilon) You – and it’s blues/blacks – I will post a pic in Rav

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Yay! That would have been devastating to lose such a wonderful yarn. Blues/blacks sound yummy – maybe she gave a slightly differently spelled name to each colourway?

  2. Kevin Dummermuth Says:

    Great reason. I like to make out the print Martha

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